Torchlight II Review - IGN Reviews

Torchlight II Review - IGN Reviews

Mouse Edit

Mouse only is possible.

Mouse arrow is quite small which makes it hard not to lose sight of it when there is much going on in the game.

LMB to attack and move.

Hold LMB down keeps attacking or moving.

RMB for secondary attack skill, for activating skills and using potions.

Keyboard Edit

ESC = menu

Q = Quests

A = Automap

I = Inventory

CTRL+LMB = remove a spell from the spell-list,

C = Character sheet

S = Skills

P = Pet sheet

Design Edit

Fonts are easy to read.

No subtitles in cutscenes (not sure, will check again}.


Mana in blue

Energy in red

Experience in light blue

Map markings:

White and cyan dots

Green, grey and orange questionmarks

Light blue circles with blue filling

Brown symbols

Item colors:

Green = enchanted

Orange = legendary

White = common

Blue = rare

Purple = quest item

Yellow = unique

Additional Info Edit

Enable Viacam headmouse: Does NOT recognize clicks.

VAC speech recognition works.

Has an option to always mark clickable items.