IGN Reviews - Tomb Raider Review

IGN Reviews - Tomb Raider Review

Enable Viacam headmouse movement works.

Controls Edit

Controller enabled

Controls can be customized

Typical WASD game with lots of extra buttons

In order to play effectively you need to be able to use at least one mouse button and at least two to four additional keys.

It can be helpful to change the keyboard setup according to the challenges at hand. What may be a good way to pick up stuff can easily be needed as the aim-key in another situation.

Quicktime Events Edit

Lots of Quicktime Events (QTE’s) that don’t switch the keys you have to push. Please note that the events have their own standard key. An attack QTE always needs the f-key, and a grab to hold on to always is the e-key. I’m not sure but I think there are some more key-specific QTE’s.

QTE’s are a standard procedure in gameplay. They often require rather lenghty sequences with high-speed button smashing. Shaking off enemies at your feet consists of about five seconds of left-right-left-right, etc. These things would not be that huge a problem with accessibility tools for speech recognition. What destroys it for me are the addition of some kind of a final kick that is almost impossible to time with speech recognition for games.

There are long sequences that don’t allow you to pause in a run because otherwise you will be smashed by rocks. Of course, you can still pause by pressing ESC.

There are situations where you have to scramble up some slippery ramps that demand a speed that is utterly brutal to you and your input device.

Speech Recognition Edit

VAC works.

Many challenges are manageable with speech recognition but you will have to create a big set of commands in order to get by:

A command for pushing, a command for pulling, a command for jumping, one for double jumping, one for holding tight, one for smashing with your feet, one for dodging, etc.

It’s good that you can switch to the desktop to adjust the speech profile.

Here’s a comprehensive manual with lots of tips and tricks (in order to view the standard control scheme with annotations just scroll down at the page):