The Witcher 2 Video Review

The Witcher 2 Video Review

The Witcher 2 is now totally new a horse with no more mouse only capabilities that made its predecessor so accessible.

Controls are WASD and lots and lots of additional keys. More information can be found here.

Fistfighting Edit

The game features a fist fighting system that helps you make money and it is extremely hard. You can’t relay on remembering sequences of keys as they are constantly changing. There is a workaround with a tool called mouse raider but it has been pulled from the net some time ago.

after trying to win a fistfight in the game today I have to say that for real it is absolutely impossible to score some hits with speech recognition software. I tried it for an hour and I only hit once. even on easy difficulty and hard QTEs turned off I had not the slightest chance.

in one last try I utilized Mouse Raider and created this GlovePIE-script:

a=Swallow (NumPad4)

s=Swallow (NumPad8) //inverted - actually it is 2

f=swallow (NumPad2) //invested - actually it is 8

d=swallow (NumPad6)

now I was able to move the mouse into the required directions for the fistfight quick time event. not only was I quick enough but also successful.

this solution is a bit cumbersome because it needs two additional programs but it nonetheless works. May it be of use for you.

QTE's Edit

There are very (!) hard QTE’s but there is an option to make them (slightly) easier.

Design Edit

Minimap has bad colors like pale yellow on greenish-grey backgrounds and red enemy markers. Points of interest in black.

Audio cues are not made visible.