The Secret World Gameplay First Impressions HD

The Secret World Gameplay First Impressions HD

Controls Edit


NUM-LOCK = auto-walk

Run key does toggle.

Strafing = Q/E. Strafing and dodging are very important.

Hold the RMB to turn your camera/character. LMB is to turn the camera without affecting your character.

Turning around is quicker with mouse than with keyboard.

Hold LMB and RMB to move.

Better mouse-look solution.

Design Edit

GUI ls very small.

Text size is tiny.

Subtitles are easy to read but have no background.

Some chat messages are in red and very hard to read. Transparency of chat window customizable.

Friendlies in green, enemies in red.

Healthbar fades from green to red, depending on amount of health.

Additional Info Edit