Overview Edit

WASD controls.

Mouse to aim.

RMB and LMB required.

Often it is necessary to press several buttons at once.

Jumping can be challenging for it needs well timed actions.

Enable Viacam works.

VAC speech recognition works.

OSK works.

Magnifier works.

Game has several types of enemies and there can be many fights. There are a number of different weapons for melee and range combat.

Design Edit

There are some zoom steps for the entire game plus GUI but even on maximum stuff is rather small on higher resolutions.

There are text bubbles and the GUI texts are quite small, as well. The font is very readable.

Energy in green, health in red. Some creatures blend into the surrounding, which may be a problem for the colorblind.

Controls Edit

e = use

c= craft

j = journal

w = up

a = left

s = down/duck

d = right

space = jump

jump down = s+space

Usually you have to stand infront of the object you want to use. Sometimes it doesn't work and you have to point at the object in question. In such circumstances users of a OSK need to use a trick:

Move the OSK below the object, Let it overlap a bit. Now, move the mouse over the object and then into the OSK. That way the object is still active while you press 'e'.