Spaceplan is a Clicker game that doesn't need you to click like a lunatic in order to earn a gazillion of points. The highest speed will be achieved when the player is able to click about three times a second. It's possible to skip all clicking and let the counter do all of the clicking marathon.

The task is to flee from a potato species and is based on some profound misunderstanding of the Stephen Hawking book "A Brief History Of Time". The game is atmospheric and funny. It offers a great electronic soundtrack and cool graphics as well as an absurd list of tasks. Everything is centered around the need for immense amounts of energy.

The player has to plant solar panels and potatos. He has to upgrade his gadgets, has to launch satelites, towers and lots of crazy things to increase the production of energy. Each task changes the received energy until some kind of singularity. It's a voyage through our stellar neighborhood, a fight against a huge enemy. It's rather short and not very demanding when it comes to gameplay and mechanics but fear not, some tricky aiming will come along.

Everything can be controlled by mouse and LMB. It can be played in a window or fullscreen, resolution is customizable and all information is easy to read. Even on big screens.