Turn based Permadeath Very difficult Has small tutorial

Keyboard Edit

customizable ESC = menu

e = equip

d = backpack

r = sort backpack

CTRL = primary use

CTRL plus direction key = loot tile next to player position

SHIFT = secondary use

t = travel (to town in order to sell stuff, eat, rest, identify, etc.))

w = switch weapon set (1 or 2)

ENTER = go up/down, confirm

1-6 = skill

ALT = loot (at current position)

and some more

Mouse Edit

completely mousable

click to move

LMB and RMB required

Additional Info Edit

Windowed works (size has to be determined in the command line. consult readme file.)

OSK works

Enable Viacam headmouse works

Some hints Edit

In order to heal, your avatar needs to be satiated (food and water) and then click the avatar or push w (wait one turn) until the health bar is full.