Free-to-play. You can pay to unlock things without grinding, which is what I did assuming my disability would slow my progression. Optional, not needed. Everything functional in game you can unlock with playtime.

On-screen elements can be small.

requires mouse.

All keys configurable

Compatible with game controllers and joysticks.

Requires high precision to kill enemies.

Does NOT require high precision to heal friends.

Massive team game, stay together, heal/repair while your friends do the killin’

Controls Edit

Many keys needed including:







Grenade/special ability

1-5 for weapons (can use mouse wheel)

(This is a general requirement, keep reading for alterations/exceptions)

There are multiple ways to playing the game:

Infantry- Your Bread and butter. Everyone need to be able function on the ground in some capacity. If you’re not a twitch FPS player, stick together. This is a massive multiplayer game. Join an outfit and follow your leader. I suggest playing Medic or Engineer for a while. Even if you can hit the broadside of a barn you can heal/repair to help your team while getting used to the game. Eventually you should get decent. Myself I eventually got where my stats were average, higher than some friends without disabilities.

Armor- Piloting a tank is where I shine. The time-to-kill is higher giving you longer to react. It does have a learning curve as to what tactics are best in what situation. When to advance and when to retreat.

Air- This is the most difficult aspect imo. I can’t seem to fly anything long without crashing or getting shot down. Requires excellent spacial reason and reaction times. A lot of mouse movement. I have tried joysticks and controllers but keep crash. It’s hard, but try it. Most Pilots also bind pitch/yaw and viewtoggle keys

Gunner- Both air and armor vehicles often need gunners. This is the easiest one if you have a friend that enjoys driving/piloting. You can gun one-handed using a mouse, r/l click, and other buttons for reload and spot. The gun you fire is provided the driver/pilot so if you’re new, it doesn’t matter, you can gun for a supped up tank or bomber.

Transport and support- There are air and land vehicle not necessarily meant for the front lines. Driving people around. Bring gunners with you, you will get into fight as well