Starts fullscreen. Can be set to windowed by removing the


switch of the game link.

Game captures the mouse. DxWnd won’t help freeing the mouse.

OSK can be accessed in windowed mode as long as the keys you want to use are inside the window of the game.

Keyboard isn’t needed often, except for the occasional entry of a password and the ESC-Key which is required to enter the main menu.

The game can’t be shut down with the red close button of the game window.

Enable Viacam clicks are sometimes not working, even if set to 10 ms. Use values >20. Fullscreen hides clickwindow and OSK.

Spoken texts with barely readable subtitles.

Icons and menus are not readable very well. Some things that need to be clicked (not only but once) are very small.

Windows 7 Magnifyer works in windowed game.