Arcade clicker.

Can be played with mouse only. Everything can be controlled with LMB, RMB and little movement of the mouse arrow. Moving the mouse is not necessary for the gameplay. Buttons have to be pushed very quick, changing rapidly from LMB to RMB and for sessions of a few to several minutes long. Quick reaction and good hand-eye coordination is crucial in order to play this game successfully.
Instead of mouse buttons you can also use two sets of keys. These cannot be customized.

Fullscreen or windowed.

Has explanations for the game´s mechanics.

Has a basic skill-system. There are about twenty special skills from which the player can choose three of his liking. The choices can be changed inbetween rounds. The skills must be unlocked throughout the course of the game.

There are special stages which consist of several sub-rounds and each of these rounds must be finished in order to move to the next challenge. If you fail in any of these sub-rounds you have to start the stage anew. So, if you fail in sub-round three out of four you will have to start over at sub-round one. Each sub-round is basically identical but it becomes faster each sub-round. Sub-round one is the slowest, sub-round two is a bit faster, sub-round three is even faster, and so on.