Sandbox building game.


Medium Accessibility.


WASD movement. You need at least a forward key. A key for walking backwards can be very helpful when fighting monsters. Keys for jumping, building (RMB) per default), destroying (LMB) per default) and inventory are absolutely necessary. 1-9 for quickbar.


Mouse to look around. Mouse wheel for quickbar items optional.


Enable Viacam headmouse works in the game, no matter if windowed or fullscreen.


Windowed or fullscreen. Window can be maximized.


Sounds ain't made visible in any way. The sounds are not overly important but they give an advantage when running around in the dark or while exploring caves because each type of monster makes clearly to distinguish noises.


Speech recognition can be used. Playing the game solely by means of speech recognition is possible but it takes much much time to build stuff so it tends to become very frustrating this way.


The Android emulator Bluestacks for Windows can run Minecraft Pocket Edition quite well. With this tool it is possible to play Minecraft mouse only. You have to get used to that way of playing and things take a while because it ain't possible to look around while walking (normally the Pocket Edition is played with multitouch where one finger is used to control the view and another for the directional controls. You can't do that with only one mouse arrow). There is a demo that can be found on the net. There used to be one in the Google play store but it has been pulled some time ago.