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► WTF Is... - FTL - Faster Than Light ?

Has tutorial.

SPACEBAR for pause (other keys not necessarily needed). ESC for menu.

Can be paused anytime and things can be arranged while paused.


Can be saved any time but quits after saving. Only the actual session can be saved. After loading the game you can either resume a saved game or start anew, which overwrites the saved game.

Fullscreen (stretched to screensize or with black borders) or windowed.

Works with Enable Viacam headmouse.

OSK inputs are recognized.

Design Edit

Fonts are quite small (higher DPI skaling of Windows makes game-window bigger, too).

Energy/crew in green,

damage in orange and red,

foe in red,

ion-damage in cyan,

rooms without air in bright-red (fading slowly to white as air comes back) and yellow edges. as soon as room-edges change to black, crew won’t get damage in that room.

No demo available.