Defense Grid The Awakening Trailer

Defense Grid The Awakening Trailer

Tower Defense

Basic Facts Edit

Windowed and fullscreen.
Mouse is captured in the actual game, so no OSK support, Enable Viacam LMB does work.
Mouse is released in the menus, but OSK doesn’t work as one would expect.
Controller enabled.
VAC does work.
In-game tutorial.

Controls Edit

LMB Build/Upgrade
RMB Info about unit
Wheel Zoom in/out
WASD and other kneys.
Controls fully customizable.

Design Edit

Big brown menus with yellow font/indicators.
Tutorial text in white on dark background.
Reticle is green.
‘next attackers’ indicator colors: red, orange, yellow, green.
Subtitles in bright orange on dark orange background.

Sound Edit

Separate volume control for overall, music, effects and narrator.