Dead Space 3 - Launch Trailer

Dead Space 3 - Launch Trailer

Horror shooter

Controls Edit

fully customizable controls.


RMB = aiming

MMB = secondary fire

LMB = fire/cancel action/close window

hold ALT = mouse control for inventory/database/mission window.

crouching and kinesis can be assigned to the same key.

Running key does not toggle, crouching key does.

Assistive Software Edit

Enable Viacam works.

VAC works, VolceAttack doesn't.

ALT+TAB works.

Technical Issues Edit

The game uses mouse accelleration. It can be disturbing when you need higher speeds than the maximum accelleration value of the game. In spacewalking it feels like the mouse is slowed down a bit but I'm not too sure about that.

Game won't start on Windows 7 if there is a HID-Joysticks installed and active. This doesn't include the Arcaze, which leads me to the assumption that a U-HID might work, too, but since that one has a joystick driver I'm not sure about it.

Design Edit

Windowed or Fullscreen

The game has subtitles but only for spoken text. It is very readable.

Often you have to push and / or hold several keys at once.

Aiming is the equivalent to the flashlight. You can't shoot from the hip.

Aiming is needed for the slowdown and the kinesis.

The game has a function to show the way to the next objective.

There are situations where an enemy grabs you. You need rapidly tap the use-key to get rid of them.

There are door locks that require you to use mouse and keyboard at the same time. I play with speech recognition and headmouse and I was not able to solve the first (and the easiest) of those puzzles in time. They get extremely hard, not because they are so complicated but because they are timed and you simply can't be quick enough with speech recognition. It is best to ask a friend to do it.

The game is very dark. Sound is rather important but it is possible to play without sound. It helps to hear the monsters before they are on you.

Saving Edit

Saving is a bit problematic. Save points are sparingly set and you can't save and quit as you please because in that case the game only saves the inventory but not your progress. Progress is saved when there is the respective icon flashing about.

Length Edit

The playthrough of the 19 chapters plus 5 of 7 side-missions took me 33 hours.