DayZ Standalone Official Fan Made Trailer (2014)

DayZ Standalone Official Fan Made Trailer (2014)

Zombie survival MORPG.

The following information most likely applies to the ARMAII Day Z modification (mod), as well.

Rectagle red

Low level of Accessibility.


Controls are based on the ARMA II controls. Anything is extensively customizable (even double strokes can be assigned).


Many functions can be toggled. WASD for movement. The game needs lots of keys. Some of them are absolutely crucial, such as the zooming of the players view, readying (axes, bats, etc.) or aiming (fire weapons) the weapon. Moving backwards and sideways is important in melee combat but it's not impossible to win fights without those keys.


Mouse to look around. If you walk forwward while moving the mouse left or right you change walking direction accordingly.


Turning left, right or around on the spot is affected by the fact of the game simulating real movement. It is therefore slightly delayed. This can annoy users of a headmouse.


Sounds are very important and are not made visible. Without sound you will have a serious disadvantage against the Zombies and other players.


There is walking, running and sprinting. While walking and running work like in any average shooter I had some difficulties with sprinting in combination with speech recognition. I wasn't able to get it to work correctly. Other than that speech recognition works fine.


There is not reticle. There's only a small, grey dot to mark the center of the screen.


Information about health condition and chat messages are very small and colored in red, green or yellow. There is no dark background for text.


If you die in the game you will be respawned on one of several spots close to the coast. The things that were in your posession will remain at the place of your death for a limited time. Since your killer most likely was on the hunt for your equipment it is to be expected that most of your equipment will be gone even if you arrive in time. So the outcome is very close to the concept of Permadeath.


Oftentimes players shoot on sight. This is mostly considered as bandit behaviour, but it is not sanctioned by the game. Clans or server administrators may or may not discourage it. The game is very very hard for newly spawned players, but even with good equipment it is freaking hard.