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► WTF Is... - Critical Mass ? (WTF-a-thon Game 18)

Completely mouseable (with limitations described below).

OSK doesn’t seem to be usable.

RMB to set blocks, Drag LMB for rotation of structure.

Enable Viacam headmouse does not offer a function that would allow to drag the mouse with the right button down.

First start is in full screen where you have to create an user account by typing in a valid email address. There is no way to leave the game when there has not been created a user account, there’s simply no such icon.

There is no way that I have found to enter the game options before the account has been set. After that the game can be switched to windowed mode. I have not been able to locate an ini-file in order to change the fullscreen/windowed settings before the first start.

Demo available on Steam.