Point & Click adventure. Steam page.
A New Beginning - Final Cut trailer

A New Beginning - Final Cut trailer

Has basic tutorial.

Windowed or fullscreen. Can be switched using the options menu.

Enable Viacam headmouse Movements and clicking works.

Windows 7 OSK works. Merely used for the ESC key which is needed in order to reach the main menu.

Savegames don't require to be named.

Requires to hold down the LMB in order to reach the context menu that holds all possible actions for in game objects.

RMB opens And closes the inventory. Object names are shown while cursor hovers over objects. Again the font is hard to read and very small. Inventory can remain open at any time.

RMB stows away currently active object.

Clicking LMB moves player figure. Double clicking skips waiting time when moving from one screen stage to another.

Windows 7 Magnifier works.

Windowed is smaller than fullscreen. The configuration tool found in the installation folder allows to adjust the window's resoution.

Texts in comic strip sequences are easy to read. Tutorial texts and subtitles are hard to read and very small. Subtitles are color coded and have no dark background. Dialogue choices do have a dark background.